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Help on how to Capture Images and Video Clips

Overview This topic is very broad and has so many answers based on type of device and software you are using. I have tried to outline a couple of ways I do this and would be happy to add other suggestions you may send in. My email is LarrysVacationWebcams@gmail.com. Hope this helps!

Screen Shots
Windows 10 - This is what I use the most for still shots. Widows 10 has a built-in function to take and save screenshots, including from playing video full screen. I will normally start a video and change it to Full Screen if possible. Next you hold down the Windows key (to the right of the Left Ctrl key on my keyboard) and then you can hit the Print Screen button (to the right of the function keys on my keyboard). As long as you continue to hold down the Windows key, you can hit the Print Screen key as many times as you want. Each time the image is saved in a folder in your Pictures folder called Screenshots. You can edit, crop or modify these images using whatever software you normally use. Next go to the Captures screen and choose the folder you would like to add your pictures. Click on the upload button in the header and select the pictures as appropriate for your device.

Screen Shots
Android - The Android OS offers several ways to do screenshots. I like to use the Power Button and Volume Down button at the same time. This will save a screenshot to a folder called Screenshots in your picture directory. They can be uploaded as above, or you can edit as appropriate before you do.

Video Record
Windows 10 - You can start recording your screen at any time by pressing the Windows key, Alt key, and the R key at the same time. A small recording window will appear but not be part of the recording. When done, just hit the stop button in the recorder window. Your video will be saved in the Windows Video folder. Look for a folder called Captures. Best to make the video Full Screen before you start recording. Edit and trim if required. Video can be uploaded just like a photo. File Size limit is 100 meg. Video files can be large and take a few minutes to upload and to appear.

Android - Video capture of your screen is also a built-in function. Look in settings when you pull down from the top. However you probably will need to edit the video as it captures from the time you turn it on till you turn it off. So normally trimming is required. Video can be uploaded in the same manner as still photos. File size limit is 100 meg. Video files can be large and take a few minutes to upload and to appear.

YouTube Please note that YouTube will allow you to choose the resolution for playback on most video. Go to the settings icon (bottom right of video) and select the highest setting. Many YouTube Live video cameras also allow you to go back in time for 12 to 24 hours. This not only allows you to replay something you want to record but check for what you missed. Unless you have a Premium account YouTube does not let you zoom. This may be possible on some mobile devices through the screen pinch function. On a desktop you can use the Ctrl + and - keys to zoom the entire window, but this is very messy. I have added a Video Zoom button that places an overlay over the image to allow a digital zoom capability. However quality will be lower the higher the zoom. You can normally tell it is a YouTube video by hovering your mouse over the video and the Red timeline at the bottom.

Video Rewind Many YouTube cams allow you to rewind the video for 12 or more hours. However, other video will sometimes also allow you to rewind, but only back to the point you started watching. This can make it much easier to get a video capture. Once you see something you would like to record, you just back the video up and start video record. It depends on the camera and player as to if this will work, but give it a try!

Earthcam Earthcam video does not let you adjust the video quality, but many will let you go back up to 24 hours. Just look for the film strip icon at the bottom left. Selecting this will open a timeline by hour. You can select any hour and play the video. Not as flexible as YouTube, but does have something. Earthcam does allow the zoom function using a mouse with a scroll wheel which is very helpful. Earthcam normally has a logo somewhere on the screen, but not always in the same place.

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