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10/24 23:40 man i wish i waas there
10/02 18:05 (fl) Man I miss Simonton Court and Eden House
(Larry) I think Eden House is doing construction around the pool. I hope the cams return when they finish
(fl) Cool. Hopefully up for FF in a few weeks.
Hell I miss Atlantic Shores... just sayin.
10/22 17:21 (Larry) Sorry went off-line for a few minutes because of a storage issue...
10/20 12:42 Whats the best camera to see everything going on this week
(Larry) Most good video clips and screenshots have come from the Duval street cam in front of Sloppy Joes in past years
(fl) Keep an eye on the Southernmost Bouy too
09/28 05:10 Cant wait
09/27 00:18 Im Looking Forward to Watching The Cam
09/25 01:57 Ready to be there
09/22 02:01 (Larry) Looking Forward to Another Big Party